Saturday, September 15, 2012

We've been busy!!!!!

Oh my....three weeks into a brand new year and I have yet to find time to share all the fun we are having in prek!!!  I love my class!  Such cuties and wow, some smarties too!    It;s only been three weeks, yet it seems like forever!!!  And hello- I have soooooo much going on with all my own kids stuff- seriously,  I am a taxi cab, and when I'm not driving/dropping off/picking up, then I am watching or attending a game, meeting or function!!!   

 Anyways, here is a look at some of the FUN we have been having!!  

The first week we spent most of our time learning about our rules and routines.  We also focused on preschool basics like lining up, sitting in circle, raising our hands, waiting our turn,  exploring our centers and using our tools and equipment properly.  We of course read The Kissing Hand and did an activity to go along with the story (which I forgot to take pictures!!)  And we discussed things we can do at school and did a shared writing activity/predictable chart and then they drew a picture showing what they could do at school!  We played Beach Ball Buddies- my kids last year loved it and my new littles did too!  And Friends Bingo!!!

The second week of school we had a week of Chicka Chicka fun!  We started the week with our Letter Tree!  Remember this from last year?!   This is actually the picure from last year- I forgot to take one this year!  The kids looooooved this!  I made this bad boy last year with a blow up tree from the Dollar tree and foam letters.  Those big plush letters are from Lakeshore, and you may or may not remember how I scored those puppies for 2 BUCKS at a garage sale!!  Whoot Whoot!   I take all the foam letter off the tree and put them on my flannel board and everyone gets a big letter and then they come up and find the foam letter that matches their big letter, name the letter, and then put it on the tree.  They love this, and it gives me a heads up on who does and does not recognize uppercase letters.

We also made letter for our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who's In Our Room bulletin board that is outside our room!  This was our first experince with glue this year and they did great!!    Don't you just love those cute little fingers reaching in to get some goodies!!!    I forgot to take a picture of the board, but I cut out the letters, attached their picture and hung them up- I think I have a picture of last years somwhere on this blog! lol

We made these cute little Chicka name trees.  We did these last year and they were so cute I just had to do them again!  I found the idea on Pinterest last year and I can't remember where they originally came from so if its you then THANKS!!!   

We made Chicka hats!  I knew I stocked up on those alphabet stickers from the Target Dollar Spot for a reason!!!    I didn't get a picture of them assembled, but they were soooo cute!  Again., found on Pinterest!! How did I ever survive without it!!??

To end our Chicka fun, we explored a real coconut!  Now, if you remember my post from last year, not only did I have a hard time getting the danged coconut open, it also tasted BAD, like REALLY BAD!!  I thought I must have just had a rotten coconut, because, dude, I LOVE me some Mounds and coconut cake, and macaroons, so I knew i liked coconut!   Soooooo when I finally cracked that baby open this year- and yes it was still an ordeal, I was excited to drink that coconut milk, beacuse I JUST KNEW it was going to be yummy, I mean people pick these things off of trees and drink the milk on tropical islands- RIGHT????  Oh man it was NASTY!!!  Are there more than one type of coconuts??  I mean, it's the only kind they had at the grocery store.... Anyway, the kids faces were again priceless as they tried it!  We filled in all of our chart before we tasted it- except the "taste" part and some of the things they said were hilarious.  Can you see one of them actually said it tasted "filthy"  heehee!!!   And then we graphed if we liked it or not.  The one that said she liked it was the one that said it tasted filthy, of course. heehee

  Finally, this past week we started our All About Me unit.  They each had their name and they had to cut it apart, and then glue it back in order.   We then counted the number of letters in our name and graphed them.

We graphed the color of our eyes- they cut our those white eyeballs!!!  Whoo Hoo!  And then we did a shared writing predictable chart and they wrote the word I!!!!  Little smarties!!!!

We talked about how we are all different, but each one special.  I passed aound a mirror and then they had to draw their self in their mirror.  Again, I saw this on Pinterest!!!    We had to use sharpies because regular markers wiped right off of the foil.  So cute!!!

We also sorted foam shapes by color, painted our letter I with ice, and wrote in our journals!!!  Wow we were soooo busy!!! 

Soooo that about covers our first three weeks!  Next week we will be focusing on Families and I promise I will not wait three more weeks to share our fun!!!