Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Okay, after falling off the face of the earth for about an ENTIRE YEAR, here I am!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I never went anywhere, I just couldn't find the time to post anything.  I never stopped blog stocking the million blogs I follow, I just COULD NOT find the time, strength, energy to sit down after the day was done and make a post (after spending hours blog stalking and Pinterest pinning of course).  Soooo, if you look at the date of my last post, it;s pretty sad/embarassing that yes, it has REALLY been almost a whole year since I posted.   And that makes me sad beacause I had such an AWESOME group of little smarties last yeat and we did sooooooo many cool things in class that I wanted to share-many things inspired by YOU GUYS and Pinterest, of course! 

Sooooooo, now that I'm offically back in my room-no kids yet- I decided that it was time to kick my butt in gear and MAKE MYSELF post AT LEAST once a week...  I had every intention of doing that last time, but dang it, it's just so hard to fit everything in, especially this time of year with all the extra activities my own kids are starting up... BUT I promise to try and do better! :)  

 Anyways,  my rooms a disaster, and things are a mess, but I will be in there all this week and next ,with the exception of meetings, of course, :( , so hope to get some pictures up soon!