Sunday, September 30, 2012

Families, Apples, and some Halloween loot!

Hello blog friends!  I am sooooooo excited that tomorrow is the first day of the best month of the year!!!  October!!!  Yay!!!  Like many of you, fall is my most favorite time of the year!   The weather, football, pumpkins, MY BIRTHDAY!!!  My birthday is October 25th and growing up, my birthday parties always had a halloween theme going on and I always LOVED IT!!!  I wondered if I would still love celebrating my birthday as much as I got older, and as one about to turn 36, I can totally say HECK YES!!!! 

Anyway, enough about me and the BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR..... :)   

 So last week we started our Apple Study, but before I get into that, the week BEFORE that we finished up our unit on All About Me and Families, and since I've been a bad blogger I never got around to  finish showing you all the fanatublous things my sweet little friends worked so hard on soooooo here we go!!!!

We talked about our families and how they are all different and we did a Who lives in My House Glyph.  We did this last year and the kids did such a great job that I had to do it again!  It's a great visual for the kids to see how all families are different- they don't all have the same color and number of squares!  

Ignore the glare!

Look at the fabulous cutting skills on those houses!

We talked about people that make up our families and we did a Venn diagram with brothers, sisters, both,  and my little guys up in the corner that are only children!

After reading many stories about families throughout the week we discussed things that families Are, Have, and Like To Do!  I saw this idea on Pinterest of course! 

The orange paper at the top says "Our Preschool Family" and we put up our class picture...guess I took this before I got that up!

Then....last week we started our Apple Study!!!  Seriously this is always one of my favorite studies!  Unfortunately, I was out half of the week last week with my poor sweet baby girl, who came down with croup :(   So some of the Apple Fun had to happen without me, which means not many pictures, but here is what I did get on film...

We discussed the parts of an apple and then snip snip snipped some seeds!  These sweeties have great scissor skills already!

Of course we read 10 Apples Up On top and then we counted and patterned some apples!  They totally have the AB pattern thing down!  I will let these hang for this next week and then make into a class book!  We love class books

We finished our September page for our Preschool By The Month books!  Each month we make a new page.  Each page has their picture, their handprint, and they write their name.  We also work on our patterning skills!  I hang these outside our room each month and then keep them and assemble them into a book to send home at the end of the year!  The parents LOVE these and so do I!!


That's me!
And no Apple Study would be complete without making apple sauce!  The kids thought it was so much fun to watch the apple peeler go!  And they really had to use their muscles to get that thing to turn!  We mixed and measured and my, how good our room smelled!  Everyone tried it this year, which is a first, as I usually have at least one that wont even try it!  

There were a few things that they did while I was out, so I didnt get any pictures.  They made an apple pattern hat, and they sequenced the life cycle of an apple tree!   We will finish up our Apple Study this coming week!

Now, as I stated up above, October is the best month of the year for many reasons, and one reason is HALLOWEEN!!!  And boy, did I hit the jackpot with some great Halloween goodies from two of my favorite spots- Target Dollar Spot, and Dollar Tree!!!  Check out this loot!!!



 These silly staches and spooky eyeball glasses are going into my treasure chest!  The staches are from target and the glasses from Walmart.

 Halloween stamps for the writing center!  Dollar Tree baby!

Bats!  They are from the Dollar Tree.  They also had pumpkins, spiders, and skeletons, Oh my!

Foam bats from Target Dollar Spot!  I actually got some turkey ones today too! heehee

Glittery spider and pumpkin stickers!  Dollar Tree!

Spider and ghost table scatter and cat erasers!  All from Target dollar Spot!

 And a witches cauldron of course!

So many goodies!!!  I have already started making centers for this loot, so check back soon to see how I plan to use all this spooky goodness!  I know my little friends are gonna LOVE IT!!!