Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Needs to take a Chill Pill

Okay, so the last time I posted was the first day I was able to get back into my room and it was in shambles.  And here we are two weeks later and not much has changed.   Okay I guess it looks a little better, but I think I have really just shifted things from pile to pile and shuffled stuff around.   It's not that I haven't been working my booty off, because I have, I've just been doing things that you can't see.  Since I teach Prek I have to do a little thing called Home Visits.  Which means I have to personally go to each and everyone of my little darlings homes and, well, visit, and have the parents fill out tons of paperwork.  Which means I have to schedule these visits first, which sometimes means leaving message after message, dropping notes in the mail, and even visiting their home to set a up a time for a Home Visit.  In a perfect world this could easily happen in a few days, but as we all know we don't live in a perfect world so it doesn't take a few days.  It took two weeks to be exact.  And since I teach Prek, we also do a little thing called Screenings, which means I have to schedule all those appointments for Screenings.   And when do I set up those appointments for screenings?  If you said at their Home Visit then you are correct. Soooooooooo, I am officially finished with my Home Visits, Screening Day was today and my room is still a complete disaster.  And did I mention I am exhausted?  And that I we have Prof. Development scheduled for tomorrow and two days next week?  AND SCHOOL STARTS A WEEK FROM THIS MONDAY?????  And I am scared to open the closet door in my classroom because there is so much junk stuffed in there and I am afraid that things will come flying at my head?  And i haven't even started to think about writing any lesson plans, or getting things ready for orientation night??? And I can't find my camera, as it is lost somewhere in my classroom under one of those random piles of junk!   Can you tell that I am starting to get stressed????   You know things are getting craaazaaay when your 5 year old tell you that you need to take a chill pill. lol   So my plans for tomorrow are professional development meetings all morning, and then  digging thru piles until I at least find my camera, as my own kids start school Monday and my baby starts kindergarten and I have to have that camera!  And then maybe I can take a chill pill!