Monday, August 1, 2011

Distaster Zone!!!

So today was my first day back to my classroom and HELLO!!!  I kinda knew I would be walking into a disaster zone, as we are required to stack everything up so they can clean the floors but wow, what a mess,  I guess that's what I get since my butt was out of that door the minute school was out last year!  Anyways, after the initial shock of seeing the disaster zone (and the discovery of a bunch of dead flies all over) I jumped right in and got BIZZY!!!  I worked my booty off ALL day and now I'm just beat!  Thank goodness my wonderful husband is cooking supper :)  Here are some pictures I took of the disaster zone.  Notice how teeny tiny my room is!  When I first moved into this room I was like, how the heck is this gonna work, but then after realizing I would only be allowed to have 11 students due to the small space I was like maybe this will work out just fine!  Especially since all the other prek rooms in my building have 17 students each!  HeeHee!  I have had to be very creative with the layout of my space, but in the end it all works out!  Oh and I was so ready to get the heck outta there today, I totally forgot to take after pictures of all my hard work!  I will be going back tomorrow so I will post then!  Yay for getting ready for Back to School!!!

Disaster Zone!!!!

Here is a bunch of stuff all piled up-What a mess!

Things starting to look a little better,  Still a long way to go!

Even better (at least this little area is looking better, kind of!  This is how it looked when I left to eat lunch.  I went back and did some more but forgot to take pictures.  I will go back tomorrow and hopefully get most everything in order, then I can start on the walls!  Yay!