Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, I love me some Target!

Okay so my Target FINALLY has some of the teacher stuff in the Dollar Spot!  FINALLY!  Last weekend I went, after seeing some of you all with fabulous finds and my Target still had the July 4th stuff. I asked the kid (he just happened to be my parents ex-nextdoor neighbors kid) that was rearranging things when the teacher stuff would be in and he said next week.  Soooooo of course I went first thing Monday and as promised TEACHER STUFF!!!!  So of course I had to get some things!  Notice I said SOME things, as my husband was with me and he hates it when I spend money on my classroom, even though I have explained to him a trillion times that I have to spend my own money if I want things and he better just get used to it!  So, instead of getting everything I wanted, I had to settle for SOME of the things I wanted, and the rest I will hopefully get later (planning to go tomorrow WITHOUT my man- I need to go get toothpaste or something-haha).  Anyways, I hope that they will still have some of the things I want.  I don't think they have put everything out yet, as I have noticed a few things that others have purchased that my Target did not have yet. They also still had a ton of shelves still filled with summer stuff that was now 50% off so I hoping when that crap gets sold down they will bust out some more goods!  Okay let's get on with it!

Here it is!

I got some shiny letter stickers, some crayon shaped bulletin board thingys, stamp pads for the writing center, number stampers,  alphabet matching puzzle, some star boarders, and of course a sticky pad, which I'm pretty sure I don't REALLY need, because I'm sure I have a billion of these already, but I am a total sucker for sticky notes!  Oh also I got some room word labels.   Everything is from Target except the orange star boarder and the room labels. I bought those at Dollar Tree earlier this summer.  And I forgot about the book holders and the plastic tub.  Last year I bought two of the shallow tubs and I used them for small groups-except I had three small groups so I HAD to get another! Also last year I bought 5 of the book holders -that was all they had left- and I LOVED them, so I decided I totally needed to get a few more of those.  And I am hoping they still have some left when I go to Target tomorrow. To get toothpaste, of course.

This is an apple 100 chart. I have a 100 pocket chart that I have used in the past but this was just so cute and I figured I could use it for something even if I decide not to use it for 100 day.  This was not in the Dollar Spot at my Target. It was back by the office supplies on an end-cap. Also it was not $1, but was $2.50.


Katherine said...

LOVE Target finds too :) I teach Pre-k glad to find another fellow Pre-K teacher!!

Miss W said...

Welcome to to blog-world! I had to come visit since I call my Kinder Kiddos my Superstars!

✪ Miss W

Miss W Teaches

Megan White said...

Hi! Thank you for commenting on my blog! I'm so glad that we are both teaching the same age range. This will be my first time with a full day class and I am super excited.

Your target post is feeding my addiction to the dollar bins. I saw a lot of these items at my local target and had to resist buying everything I saw :). I can't wait to read more post on your blog.

Mrs. Coe said...

I am looking for that 100th Day Tree!

Miller Moments said...

Great finds! I'm going to be teaching preschool this fall, so of course your blog name jumped out at me. :) Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! How fun is this teacher blog thing!!!! And thanks so much for following my blog! I can't wait to share ideas with all of you!

And Target is sooooo addicting especially this time of year! lol LOVE IT!


Class Full of Kinders said...

I LOVE the apple 100 chart! Our Target doesn't have that. Boo!!! I love finding the $1 treasures at Target. For a teacher on a limited BUDGET, there are some great finds there. Thank you for sharing!